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Latest Refinance Mortgage Rates at <--LOCATION-->

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateMonthly PaymentAnnual SalaryLenderLoan TypePurposeLoan TermLTVDTIPurchase ReasonCity
06/17/2020406,000345,0007523.541,32365,000Nations Direct Mortgage FHACash-Out Refinance30 yrs8555PrimaryBeverly Hills, CA
06/17/202062,50045,0007743.9223835,000Ditech Financial ConventionalRefinance15 yrs7238PrimaryJackson, MS
06/17/2020258,00099,7507744.0418432,000Freedom Mortgage CorporationVACash-Out Refinance30 yrs3837PrimaryManchester, NH
06/17/2020279,000205,0007953.3466367,000Quicken Loans ConventionalCash-Out Refinance30 yrs7337PrimaryDoylestown, PA
06/17/2020389,000255,0008083.6676682,000Michigan State University Federal Credit UnionConventionalCash-Out Refinance30 yrs6533PrimaryHowell, MI
06/17/2020676,500395,0007943.661,056147,000Flagstar Bank ConventionalRefinance30 yrs5842SecondaryFlagstaff, AZ
06/17/2020523,500225,0008103.5469347,000NationStar Mortgage ConventionalCash-Out Refinance15 yrs4345PrimaryFolsom, CA
06/17/2020645,000505,0008103.152,758154,000UnknownConventionalRefinance15 yrs7833PrimaryLeesburg, VA
06/17/2020560,500445,0007733.661,61972,000Quicken Loans ConventionalCash-Out Refinance30 yrs7946PrimaryKeizer, OR
06/17/2020389,500265,0007684.2989197,000Home Point Financial CorporationConventionalCash-Out Refinance30 yrs6833PrimaryClovis, CA

Average Refinance Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at <--LOCATION--> for Conventional, FHA and VA Refinance Mortgages

Credit ScoreConventionalFHAVACity
650 and lesser4.894.594.72Alexander City, AL
650 to 7004.674.724.02Alexander City, AL
700 to 7504.203.873.65Alexander City, AL
750 to 8003.723.323.24Alexander City, AL
800 and above3.153.062.95Alexander City, AL
650 and lesser4.724.714.72Auburn, AL
650 to 7004.694.124.23Auburn, AL
700 to 7504.283.843.80Auburn, AL
750 to 8003.713.313.35Auburn, AL
800 and above3.243.233.03Auburn, AL

Fig: Average refinance mortgage rates across Conventional, FHA and VA mortgages by credit score in 2020 offered at <–LOCATION–>

Average Refinance Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at <--LOCATION--> for FRM (Fixed Rate Mortgage) and ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

Credit ScoreFRM5/1 ARM7/1 ARM10/1 ARMCity
650 and lesser4.423.984.074.26Aberdeen, WA
650 to 7004.454.014.124.29Aberdeen, WA
700 to 7504.183.743.834.03Aberdeen, WA
750 to 8003.623.163.283.47Aberdeen, WA
800 and above3.262.842.913.10Aberdeen, WA
650 to 7004.804.374.464.65Abilene, TX
700 to 7504.383.964.044.23Abilene, TX
750 to 8003.753.313.423.59Abilene, TX
800 and above3.172.752.843.00Abilene, TX
650 and lesser4.674.244.334.50Abingdon, VA

Fig: Average refinance mortgage rates across adjustable and fixed rate refinance mortgages by credit score in 2020 offered at <–LOCATION–>

Average Refinance Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at <--LOCATION--> on Primary, Secondary and Investment Homes

Credit ScorePrimarySecondaryInvestmentCity
650 and lesser4.664.74Alexander City, AL
650 to 7004.604.594.72Alexander City, AL
700 to 7504.154.154.09Alexander City, AL
750 to 8003.593.723.79Alexander City, AL
800 and above3.133.153.33Alexander City, AL
650 and lesser4.724.74Auburn, AL
650 to 7004.494.734.70Auburn, AL
700 to 7504.054.364.59Auburn, AL
750 to 8003.593.513.88Auburn, AL
800 and above3.223.333.33Auburn, AL

Fig: Average refinance mortgage rates on Primary, Secondary and Investment homes by credit score in 2020 offered at <–LOCATION–>