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Today's Reported Mortgage Rates at Mobile, AL

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Most Recent Borrower-Reported Mortgage Rates at Mobile, AL

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateMonthly PaymentAnnual SalaryLenderClosing CostsLoan TypeLoan TermLTVDTIRate TypePurchase ReasonCity
05/30/202172,00065,0007184.9631234,000Royal United Mortgage 5,550Conventional309025FRMPrimaryWest Monroe, LA
05/30/2021194,500185,0007583.7281040,000University Lending Group 2,500Conventional309539FRMPrimaryHighland, IN
05/30/2021121,000115,0007593.7250356,000Simmons Bank2,250Conventional309547FRMPrimaryNixa, MO
05/30/20212,283,5001,355,0008272.623,227581,000First Republic Bank6,000Conventional3059337/1 ARMPrimaryFremont, CA
05/30/2021319,000255,0007274.721,059110,000Cardinal Financial Company12,850Conventional308033FRMPrimaryHutchinson, MN
05/30/2021435,500275,0007923.5978852,000United Shore Financial Services 9,700Conventional306349FRMPrimarySnellville, GA
05/30/2021300,000275,0007513.841,18092,000Academy Mortgage Corporation3,800Conventional309142FRMPrimaryHaddonfield, NJ
05/30/2021287,500115,0008073.7221266,000Chase (JP Morgan)2,150Conventional304036FRMPrimaryGlen Ellyn, IL
05/30/2021231,000185,0007953.7268258,000Glacier Bank4,400Conventional308025FRMPrimaryLiberty Lake, WA
05/30/2021274,500195,0008203.34609127,000Extraco Banks4,050Conventional307138FRMSecondaryBryan, TX

Average Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at Mobile, AL for Conventional, FHA and VA Mortgages

Fig: Average mortgage rates across Conventional, FHA and VA mortgages by credit score in 2020 offered at Mobile, AL

Average Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at Mobile, AL for FRM (Fixed Rate Mortgage) and ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

Credit Score10/1 ARM5/1 ARM7/1 ARMFRMCity
650 and lesser4.243.984.074.40Aberdeen, NC
650 to 7004.083.823.894.24Aberdeen, NC
700 to 7503.873.603.694.03Aberdeen, NC
750 to 8003.433.163.243.59Aberdeen, NC
800 and above3.082.802.923.24Aberdeen, NC
650 and lesser4.424.164.264.59Aberdeen, WA
650 to 7004.133.873.964.30Aberdeen, WA
700 to 7504.003.743.834.17Aberdeen, WA
750 to 8003.513.223.353.68Aberdeen, WA
800 and above3.122.842.943.29Aberdeen, WA

Fig: Average mortgage rates by credit score across FRM and ARM mortgages in 2020 offered at Mobile, AL

Average Mortgage Rates by Credit Score at Mobile, AL by Primary, Secondary and Investment Property

Fig: Average mortgage rates by credit score across Primary, Secondary and Investment properties in 2020 offered at Mobile, AL