Today's Top Mortgage Lenders by State

Select state below to see the top mortgage lenders by state across all mortgage types. Although the list is updated at least twice a week, the number of mortgages for each lender in the state since 2018 carries special weight.
StateLenderAverage Interest RateAverage Borrower Credit ScoreLowest Borrower Credit ScoreAverage Borrower IncomeAverage Closing CostsAverage LTVMaximum LTVAverage DTIMaximum DTI
AKNBKC Bank3.4678778741,0003,40095954747
AKFirst National Bank Alaska3.8478563896,0005,250701004049
AKCredit Union 12.95818802115,0003,67571902933
AKDenali Federal Credit Union5.3673873887,0002,25040403333
AKGuild Mortgage Company3.8476270368,0002,32592972549
AKCornerstone Home Lending 3.8477269487,0005,40090953849
AKQuicken Loans 3.84774720101,0004,60080973948
AKCaliber Home Loans 4.09753728106,0002,52571953333
AKAlaska USA Mortgage Company 3.7278469788,0002,700901003349
AKTrue North Federal Credit Union4.2274469174,0003,70080983344