Today's Top Secondary Home Refinance Mortgage Lenders by State

Select state below to see the top secondary home refinance mortgage lenders by state. Although the list is updated at least twice a week with the latest rates, credit scores, borrower incomes, debt-to-income and loan-to-value ratio, the number of secondary home refinance mortgages for each lender in the state since 2018 carries special weight.
LenderAverage Interest RateAverage Borrower IncomeAverage Borrower Credit ScoreLowest Borrower Credit ScoreAverage LTVMaximum LTVAverage DTIMaximum DTIState
Trustmark National Bank3.84177.0076671364832541AL
Renasant Bank3.84154.0075973363823349AL
Ditech Financial 3.84140.0075265374934955AL
Interlinc Mortgage Services 4.22106.0073469675793365AL
Quicken Loans 3.8494.0076570871824049AL
United Shore Financial Services 3.84146.0077371074774449AL
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation3.90186.0074872270903438AL
APCO Employees Credit Union3.04192.0080580460802539AL
Alabama Credit Union3.2286.0080677977892955AL