Today's Top Investment Mortgage Lenders by State​

Select state below to see the top investment mortgage lenders by state across all mortgage types. Although the list is updated at least twice a week, the number of investment mortgages for each lender in the state since 2018 carries special weight.
StateLenderAverage Interest RateAverage Borrower Credit ScoreLowest Borrower Credit ScoreAverage Borrower IncomeAverage Closing CostsAverage LTVMaximum LTVAverage DTIMaximum DTI
AKFirst National Bank Alaska4.4073071799,5005,52560644344
AKGuild Mortgage Company4.96741740118,5001,57575751515
AKQuicken Loans 4.0876375283,5006,80075752841
AKAlaska USA Mortgage Company 3.5977277083,5001,92595964055
AKTrue North Federal Credit Union3.46809809284,0007,00070703333
AKSecurityNational Mortgage Company5.08718718252,0005,10080803333
AKWells Fargo4.34739736145,0003,75075802536
ALTrustmark National Bank4.22750694132,5003,02580803448
ALGeneva Financial4.96727696130,5004,95080802546
ALInterlinc Mortgage Services 4.0975669792,5002,40080802549