Today's HELOC Rates at PNC Bank

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Most Recent Borrower Reported HELOC Rates at PNC Bank

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateMonthly PaymentAnnual SalaryCityLoan TermLTVDTILender
09/09/2020237,500215,0008163.14937.00127,000Gulfport, MS25 yrs9025NSGZD26XPW2CUM2JKU70
09/09/2020138,000105,0008052.85331.0068,000Winston-Salem, NC30 yrs7640549300TQWW6MLVH6KY61
09/09/202095,00057,7508222.92146.0084,000Winston-Salem, NC30 yrs6033549300TQWW6MLVH6KY61
09/09/202041,50035,0008032.99123.0041,000Winston-Salem, NC30 yrs8342549300TQWW6MLVH6KY61
09/09/2020156,000125,0007275.091.0090,000Franklin, TN10 yrs8033549300OBO7DOF2KOP535
09/09/2020489,000255,0007425.091.0065,000Dickson, TN10 yrs5240549300OBO7DOF2KOP535
09/09/202039,50025,0006906.59179.00112,000Franklin, TN10 yrs6355549300OBO7DOF2KOP535
09/09/2020254,000155,0008173.12454.00547,000Los Angeles, CA25 yrs6125593C3GZG957YOJPS2Z63
09/09/2020445,500205,0008283.15454.00833,000Monrovia, CA25 yrs4615593C3GZG957YOJPS2Z63
09/09/202033,00026,2508032.9799.00120,000Henderson, NV25 yrs8039593C3GZG957YOJPS2Z63

Average HELOC Rates by Loan-to-Value at PNC Bank

leiStateLoan-to-ValueInterest Rate
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL50% and below3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL50% to 75%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL75% to 80%4.01
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL80% to 85%5.52
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL85% to 90%6.02
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL90% to 95%6.53
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL95% to 100%7.03
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL100% to 110%7.54
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL110% to 120%8.04
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL50% and below2.98

Fig: Average HELOC rates by loan-to-value in the selected state in 2020 offered by PNC Bank

Average HELOC Rates by Debt-to-Income at PNC Bank

leiStateDebt-to-IncomeInterest Rate
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL15% and below3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL15% to 25%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL25% to 35%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL35% to 40%4.09
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL40% to 45%5.71
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL45% and above7.34
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL15% and below2.98
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL15% to 25%2.99
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL25% to 35%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL35% to 40%4.08

Fig: Average HELOC rates by debt-to-income in the selected state in 2020 offered by PNC Bank