Today's HELOC Rates at Chase (JP Morgan)

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Most Recent Borrower Reported HELOC Rates at Chase (JP Morgan)

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateMonthly PaymentAnnual SalaryCityLoan TermLTVDTILender
06/09/2021448,000125,0007734.22188.0037,000Ferndale, WA25 yrs2742D38AC76TAMYI50NBPX33
06/09/202144,00035,0007385.09165.0092,000Redmond, OR25 yrs7925D38AC76TAMYI50NBPX33
06/09/2021178,000145,0007134.84680.00121,000Redmond, OR25 yrs8142D38AC76TAMYI50NBPX33
06/09/2021274,50068,2508313.02117.00110,000Kansas City, MO15 yrs24155493002QRULT2T40BH09
06/09/2021305,000242,2508213.041.00559,000Kansas City, MO15 yrs79155493002QRULT2T40BH09
06/09/202135,00035,0006916.08296.00147,000Overland Park, KS15 yrs99335493002QRULT2T40BH09
06/03/202117,00015,0006818.08103.0094,000Nampa, ID25 yrs8833WE0I402RW25AU38DTI13
06/03/20211,595,500320,2508132.89300.00121,000San Francisco, CA25 yrs2038YWC0TIKBQM2JV8L4IV08
06/03/2021234,000152,2507883.99521.00972,000San Diego, CA25 yrs6515YWC0TIKBQM2JV8L4IV08
06/03/2021496,000194,7507674.09407.00473,000San Francisco, CA25 yrs3949YWC0TIKBQM2JV8L4IV08

Average HELOC Rates by Loan-to-Value at Chase (JP Morgan)

leiStateLoan-to-ValueInterest Rate
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL50% and below3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL50% to 75%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL75% to 80%4.07
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL80% to 85%5.68
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL85% to 90%6.21
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL90% to 95%6.75
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL95% to 100%7.28
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL100% to 110%7.82
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL110% to 120%8.36
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL50% and below2.97

Fig: Average HELOC rates by loan-to-value in the selected state in 2020 offered by Chase (JP Morgan)

Average HELOC Rates by Debt-to-Income at Chase (JP Morgan)

leiStateDebt-to-IncomeInterest Rate
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL15% and below2.99
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL15% to 25%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL25% to 35%3.00
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL35% to 40%3.90
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL40% to 45%5.24
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209AL45% and above6.58
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL15% and below2.96
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL15% to 25%2.98
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL25% to 35%2.99
01J4SO3XTWZF4PP38209FL35% to 40%3.89

Fig: Average HELOC rates by debt-to-income in the selected state in 2020 offered by Chase (JP Morgan)