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Today's Reported HELOC Rates in Arizona, AZ

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Most Recent Borrower-Reported HELOC Rates in Arizona, AZ

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateAnnual SalaryLenderLoan TermLTVDTICityState
06/01/202182,00055,0007664.3499,000Wells Fargo30 yrs6733Durant, OKOK
06/01/2021133,50035,0007584.4683,000First Federal Bank Of The Midwest15 yrs2643Bryan, OHOH
06/01/202169,00055,0007425.3451,000Chase (JP Morgan)30 yrs7925Durant, OKOK
06/01/2021201,500155,0007902.9261,000PNC Bank40 yrs7641Defiance, OHOH
06/01/2021182,00080,7508223.06129,000PNC Bank35 yrs4415Defiance, OHOH
06/01/2021137,00085,0007963.0564,000PNC Bank40 yrs6248Napoleon, OHOH
06/01/2021132,50085,0008043.0364,000PNC Bank40 yrs6438Bryan, OHOH
06/01/202183,50075,0007893.09101,000PNC Bank35 yrs8933Napoleon, OHOH
06/01/202162,50055,0007673.88166,000PNC Bank40 yrs8833Napoleon, OHOH
06/01/202137,50015,0007207.0940,000Chase (JP Morgan)30 yrs3942Orrville, OHOH

Average HELOC Rates by Credit Score in Arizona, AZ by Primary, Secondary and Investment Property

Credit ScorePrimarySecondaryInvestmentState
650 and lesser7.44AL
650 to 7006.487.266.84AL
700 to 7505.285.314.98AL
750 to 8004.184.494.62AL
800 and above3.203.09AL
650 to 7006.40AR
700 to 7505.435.76AR
750 to 8004.265.082.85AR
800 and above3.312.88AR
650 and lesser8.028.09AZ

Fig: Average HELOC rates by credit score across Primary, Secondary and Investment properties in 2020 offered in Arizona, AZ