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Today's Reported HELOC Rates at Shawnee, KS

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Most Recent Borrower-Reported HELOC Rates at Shawnee, KS

DateHouse PriceLoan AmountCredit ScoreInterest RateAnnual SalaryLenderLoan TermLTVDTICity
12/07/202033,00026,2507563.84100,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs80.0048Lawndale, CA
12/07/2020545,000255,0007564.59168,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs46.7941Seal Beach, CA
12/07/2020254,000105,0008262.8876,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs41.3225Victorville, CA
12/07/202050,50042,7507334.4688,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs84.8537Colton, CA
12/07/2020130,00085,0008253.06294,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs65.2915Cathedral City, CA
12/07/202041,50035,0007324.3498,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs84.5342Victorville, CA
12/07/202096,50085,0007305.09175,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs88.1225La Puente, CA
12/07/2020138,00099,7507983.59134,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs72.3133Laguna Beach, CA
12/07/2020258,000155,0007714.09226,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs60.1233San Luis Obispo, CA
12/07/202069,00055,0007434.34164,000SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union25 yrs79.8942Cathedral City, CA

Average HELOC Rates by Credit Score at Shawnee, KS by Primary, Secondary and Investment Property

Credit ScorePrimarySecondaryInvestmentCity

Fig: Average HELOC rates by credit score across Primary, Secondary and Investment properties in 2020 offered at Shawnee, KS